Church Staff

Cilla Bamford, Finance Administrator - 412-963-8243 x22
David Billings, Director of Music Ministries and Organist - 412-963-8243 x29
Delinda Donovan, Director of Educational Ministries - 412-963-8243 x24
Doug Hughes, Director of Ministries for Youth and Their Families - 412-963-8243 x19
Ginger Thomas, Coordinator for Worship Activities 412-963-8243 x25
Greg Monteleone, Caretaker - 412-963-8243 x27
Guy Russo, Chancel Choir Director - 412-963-8243
Mike Hails, Caretaker Supervisor - 412-963-8243 x27
Monica Hamilton, Preschool Director 412-963-8243 x12
Penny Young, Administrative Assistant for the Senior Pastor - 412-963-8243 x41
Renee Wallace, Administrative Assistant for Christian Nurture 412-963-8243 x14
Rob Krogh, Worship and Music Leader for H20
Ruby Ralicki, Administrative Assistant for Deacons and Communications - 412-963-8243 x10
Wayne Dailey, Maintenance Manager - 412-963-8243 x44