Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to be a welcoming and caring community of faith through which the Living God transforms lives.
  • Diversity - We welcome the gifts of each individual; celebrating our differences as our calling and strength.

  • Adoration - We gather for worship in its various forms; offering our thanks, praise, hearts, and lives to God.

  • Nurture - We journey as disciples of many generations; helping each other grow in knowledge, grace, and faith in Christ.

  • Community - We enjoy being together as the family of faith; caring for each other with joy, compassion and open arms.

  • Engagement - We partner with neighbors near and far; embracing God's call to love one another in mission, service, justice and peace.

We do it all in the name of Christ, in the strength of the Spirit, to bring joy to the heart of God. Adopted by the Session in February 2013
We are a church that:
  • Celebrates and proclaims the glory of God through inspirational and reverent worship.
  • Creates a feeling of belonging within a loving and inviting church family and community.
  • Offers Christian education for all ages that emphasizes spiritual growth, Biblical knowledge, outreach and instruction on how to apply these teachings in our daily lives.
  • Utilizes an empowering leadership style that recognizes the value of individuals and their initiative and gifts.
  • Promotes an enthusiasm for mission such that each member accepts daily responsibility for discipleship and the care of others and acts to bring justice and mercy to the world.
  • Develops passionate spirituality by relying on the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit in all our endeavors, and recognizing the efficacy of prayer and small group ministry.
  • Achieves growth and renewal of our spirit by bringing the joys of our fellowship to the unchurched.
Through all this, we will be a church that experiences joy and enthusiasm in everything we do. Affirmations adopted by the Session, August 2003