Learn More about FCPC!

Join us on Sunday, April 30th for our Inquirer's Class!
  • This is a chance for visitors to learn more about the ministry & mission of FCPC.
  • The class will be held in the lounge right after worship until 12:00 noon.
  • If you need childcare during that time, please email Rev. Ellen Dawson at dawsone@fcpc.us as soon as possible.


If you and/or your family have discerned that you do, indeed, wish to become members of Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church, then here are the steps!

  • Attend an Inquirer's Class
  • Fill out New Member Form(s), to be approved by our Session
  • Meet with Pastor at the office or over coffee
  • Join members of the Membership Committee and other people wishing to join for a fellowship meal (to be scheduled according to peoples' schedules)
  • Officially join during a worship service - either by Transfer of Letter (from another church), Reaffirmation of Faith, or Profession of Faith.
Please email Rev. Ellen Dawson (dawsone@fcpc.us) or Ruby Ralicki (ralickir@fcpc.us) for more information about joining Fox Chapel PC.