Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church is committed to giving time, talents, and treasure to further the Kingdom of God. This year the church is combining the annual stewardship drive with the Legacy of Love campaign. You can pledge online for both campaigns.
Have you returned your Estimate of Giving card for the church’s annual stewardship needs? These annual pledges are critical to fund FCPC’s operations and are crucial for our beloved Church to survive. Please maintain your commitment to annual giving as you consider your support of the Legacy Campaign. Electronic Estimate of Giving Card. This form is confidential and will be sent to the Finance Administrator.
Through the church wide focus groups that were held earlier this year, it was made clear that expanding mission and improving the church’s physical plant were important goals to many. This Legacy of Love campaign, which has been progressing successfully since mid-summer, seeks funds to make necessary and long-overdue improvements to our buildings and grounds, grow our endowment, and expand our mission work for the future. Our Legacy of Love View Book describes the project in detail. Our mission funding has dropped to under 9% of our budget. The first million dollars of funds raised in the campaign will be applied as a down-payment to funding needed capital improvements, including replacement of outdated boilers and a crumbling parking lot. The remainder of funds received will be added to our endowment and permanently strengthen us financially. Expanded support from the endowment will be devoted in part to expanding mission (with a goal of returning mission to 20% of budget) and in part to funding ongoing capital improvements. There has been strong support of the campaign to-date; over $1.5 million has already been pledged. Please join us and your many fellow church friends in supporting this wonderful effort. We need your help to achieve success, and ask that you prayerfully consider pledging a total of 3 times the amount that you traditionally give annually to the church. Your Legacy pledge may be paid over a period of up to 5 years. You can pledge to the campaign with the Electronic Legacy of Love Campaign Card. This form is confidential and will be sent to the Finance Administrator. Thank you for your prayerful participation in making this campaign a success.
If you have any questions or would like to more information,
please contact Cilla Bamford, Finance Administrator, at 412-963-8243 ext 22.