Welcome to our FCPC Church Family!
All of our ministries at Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church are Family Ministries.  If you do not have a family of your own, we welcome you with open arms to become part of our Family of Faith.  In God's family, we are all united as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Ministries, Programs, and Opportunities for Everyone...
As a Family Ministries focused congregation, we seek, through all our ministries and programs, to provide opportunities for individuals of all ages, and families of all kinds to worship and serve together; programs and resources that help equip parents to nurture and model faith at home; and ministries of care and support that nurture all types of families.  In striving toward these goals we hope to show signs that we, as a church, are living into our identity as a Family of Faith.
Family Ministry Goals
  • Upholding the home as the primary center for spiritual life and faith, and encouraging and equipping parents as the primary spiritual influence and leader in their child's lives.
  • Inviting, welcoming, supporting and caring for all kinds of families in their unique stages, circumstances and needs.
  • Providing opportunities for, and encouraging all kinds of families to worship and serve together and with others.
  • Encouraging the church to function as a family: caring, supporting, and nurturing each other, and submitting to one another's needs.