Special Events for Children

As children form friendships at church, their church community becomes their Church Family. Research shows that children who have strong adult and peer relationships at church are more likely to have meaningful church experiences now and as they move into adolescence and young adulthood. Children who have strong relationships now are far more likely to choose church for themselves and their own children later in life. Programs, events, and opportunities for children to build these kinds of relationship are plentiful (and fun!) here at FCPC.  Here are some to be on the look-out for.
  • ADVENT-uring-This is a multi-generational event that takes place the first Sunday of Advent.  Participants create a live advent wreath and participate in various station activities surrounding the Advent theme.
  • Ping-Pong Tournament-This event in the spring instills a healthy sense of competition across generations and helps to raise money for youth mission trips.
  • Children's Sunday- On this Sunday children are actively engaged in leading worship.  This is a great time for children to build positive memories and to develop a sense of their own agency in the practice of worship.
  • Youth Sunday- On this Sunday, middle school and high school students lead worship and the Capstone Confirmation students are confirmed.  This service can help build excitement in children for what they have to look forward to as they grow up in the church.