Confirmation: A Deeper Understanding   1535034_10202530948627797_1051584501_n

Confirmation: A Deeper Understanding Confirmation in the Presbyterian tradition is closely tied to the sacrament of Baptism. In Baptism we are claimed as children of God, and we are received into God’s family in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. When parents bring their children to receive this adoption, parents are asked to make promises to live with their children among God’s people, to bring them to God’s worship, to share the scriptures with them, and to teach them the basics of the Christian faith so that their children may come to love, trust and serve God and Christ.  The members of the church also promise to help this child come to know, love and trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In Confirmation, often celebrated when children have grown into young adults, those being confirmed recognize and affirm the baptism they received as children and take personal responsibility for living out the promises their parents made at their baptism. They profess their faith and make promises before God very similar to those made by their parents. As an adult member of Christ’s family, confirmands express their intentions to live among God’s faithful people, attend to God’s worship, and show the Gospel in lives of faithful service. Confirmation is not the end of a journey; it is a special time in the journey set aside for questioning, wondering, doubting, seeking, searching, and growing.   Confirmation is not a ticket to freedom or a graduation from the Church–but rather it is a welcome and beginning of a new life and commitment in God’s family, the Body of Christ. Confirmation is not required, but is a very special experience for those students who choose to be confirmed, for their families, and for the adult mentors who will be your guide. Confirmation at Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church Because confirmation marks such a milestone in a young person’s life of faith, we do not take it lightly at FCPC.  The pre-confirmation requirements of Old and New Testament and Questions of Faith prepare young people for the in depth exploration of discipleship that happens in the capstone year as they prepare for their profession of faith and commit to following Christ. These pre-confirmation requirements are generally met in the 7th and 8th grade years through classes, but some students work on an alternate schedule. When students have met their pre-confirmation requirements, they are invited to register for their Confirmation Capstone Year (usually in the 9th or 10th grade).  This is a very focused time of exploring discipleship and preparing to express their growing faith in Christ as Savior and Lord and their desire to be part of the Body of Christ as they make their public profession of faith. We take the task of preparing students for this profession of faith very seriously.  Confirmation is no small, insignificant thing.  This is a process of joy and wonder, faith and hope–it is a big step and one that we will celebrate!