Pre-Confirmation Explanation

Confirmation at Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church is a multi-year, multi-layered process.  Young people enter into this process during the middle school years.  During the Pre-Confirmation years (grades 7-8 and sometimes 9th), a foundation is built to prepare students for claiming God’s promise when they are confirmed in 9th or 10th grade.  Explorations of the Old Testament, New Testament, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and basic tenets of the Christian Faith and Reformed Tradition are covered over the two year series. Pre-Confirmation classes meet on Sundays 9:00-9:45 am, during the school year, and also serve as middle school church school classes.  7th and 8th grade meet together with a two year rotation; one year focusing on the Old and New Testament and the next focusing on the questions young people most frequently ask about the beliefs and practices of the church, Questions of Faith.   The class curriculum is geared for the age of the students, is fun and interactive, and focused on developing minds that wonder and ask questions, rather than just memorizing catechism or giving canned answers.  These classes allow students to interact with peers, enjoy hands-on interactive lessons and develop relationships with caring adult leaders. Students must attend a minimum number of classes set for the Old and New Testament and the Questions of Faith curriculum in order to receive credit for completion of each course.  Alternatively, though less preferred, an intense Home Study for the Old Testament and New Testament classes is available in the church education office, and must be completed before an invitation to the Confirmation Class is extended.  Note:  2015-2016 is the last year for the OT & NT Home studies for Grades 8-10 students. There is no Home Study for the Questions of Faith, which must be completed in the Sunday morning 9:00-9:45 am class (only available alternate years). 2015-2016            Question of Faith 2016-2017            Old and New Testament 2017-2018            Questions of Faith 2018-2019            Old and New Testament When a young person has completed both the Old and New Testament and Questions of Faith Pre-Confirmation requirements, he/she will receive an invitation to register for the Capstone Confirmation Year, which concludes with their Confirmation of Faith and Reception into membership at FCPC. Click here to see Grades 7 and 8 (Pre-Confirmation) Curriculum for 2015-2016