2017 Haiti Medical Mission Trip

Working alongside our friends and partners at Haiti H2O, FCPC sent a Medical Mission Team to Plain Matin, Haiti to serve the needs of that community. This trip took place June 13-20, 2017.

Thank you for your prayers!

"As we continue to partner with our brothers and sisters in Haiti, let’s remember that we have an opportunity to respond to a Jesus who is without home, a Jesus who is with child while mourning the loss of another, a Jesus who is grateful to be found by his family in the flood—a Jesus who is waiting for you and me to demonstrate our love."

- Doug Bradbury, Haiti H2O Board President About Plain Matin:  As you climb the mountain road in south west Haiti it levels off and the small community of Plain Matin is nestled in the plateau. Though the soil is rich, there is not adequate water in the mountains to irrigate the yams, corn and coffee trees. The rugged terrain is mirrored by the resilient people who carve out a living by tending their gardens and selling items in the market place.