Application for Baptism Forms are at the bottom of the page.

Baptism is...
...a sign of grace, a symbol of God’s love for us throughout our lives. It is also a sign of entry into the church, the community of God’s people.  Adults who wish to make an affirmation of faith in Christ may  be baptized and received into membership in the church.  Our Book of Order requires at least one of the parents of infants and children baptized in the church to be an active member of a Christian congregation. If the current church is not Fox Chapel Presbyterian, we will need special permission from the church of which you are a member.
Scheduling a Baptism...
  • Normally baptisms are held in public worship on the third Sunday of each month. To schedule a baptism, contact the church office at least six weeks prior to the event. Our expectation is that parents who have their children baptized in this church will encourage their sons and daughters to grow in the faith by attending worship and church school and by working to create a Christian home environment.
  • In order for your child to be baptized, you must be a member of FCPC. In addition, teenagers, adults, and parents of children must (a) Complete a Baptism Form (available in the office or below), (b) Attend a Baptism class which will be scheduled for you.
  • Contact Penny Young in the church office if you have questions or wish to schedule a baptism.  Email Penny:
Baptism Forms