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    • For questions about building usage: Toni

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On this page you will find the latest information from Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church as we continue to monitor the novel COVID-19.

Also, for more information about COVID-19, please following the links below to the corresponding government pages:


May 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

At our meeting on April 27, Session agreed that we are not going to open the church again until safe conditions are met.  What does that mean?  One thing is pretty clear: even if our region is moved from red to yellow in the Governor’s plan on May 8, we would still be prohibited from gatherings of more than 25 people.  We expect, as a result, that the church will remain closed at least through the rest of May.

It is hard to imagine going back to “church as usual” anytime soon.  We are going to think this through and plan very carefully as we look towards that day when the church will begin to reopen.  To help us in the process of determining the right time and the right plan, we have created a Task Force that will include representatives from Session along with medical professionals and key leaders from the congregation.  In addition to timing, just a few of the questions the Task Force will need to consider are:

  • What adjustments will we need to make in the celebration of the Sacraments

  • What should our choir ministry look like if we are to preserve safe distances

  • How will we receive the offering when passing the plate is clearly not a good idea

  • What new processes should we institute to keep the building clean and disinfected

  • What changes will we need to make in our children’s ministry

  • Will we continue to offer virtual worship online

  • Should we discontinue ushers and greeters

  • Should we require people to wear masks, and if so, should we provide them

  • At what point do we allow committees, boards and other groups to begin meeting in the church again

This list is hardly comprehensive.  It is intended, rather, to give you a feel for just how complex the decision to re-open is going to be.  Please keep the Task Force in your thoughts and prayers as they move forward in the coming weeks – may God grant them great wisdom and insight.

Like all of you, we are very eager to see the church reopen.  Our highest priority, however, is the safety and health of our church family.  We will keep you informed as our plans evolve.



Gail Harger                                          Chris Taylor

Clerk of Session                                   Senior Pastor

March 23, 2020

Dear Friends,

We want to make you aware that a spouse of one of the preschool teachers at Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church tested positive for COVID-19 on the evening of Saturday, March 21st. The staff person was in the building during the week of March 16th through the 19th. The spouse who tested positive is not an employee of the church or the preschool and was not in the church building.

In the past days and weeks, we’ve taken every precaution per state and federal mandates and CDC guidelines. While we are unaware of any person diagnosed with COVID-19 in our facility, we share this information out of an abundance of caution and care for our community.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your health care provider to obtain medical advice.  In the meantime, please know we are doing all we can to honor the health and well-being of both our FCPC family and the larger community.

These are uncharted waters for all of us. Even so, we continue to lean into the promises of God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If you need pastoral support, feel free to reach out to the church and we will be sure that a pastor is in touch with you.




Chris Taylor, Ellen Dawson, and Tara Woodard-Lehman; Pastors

Karin Miller; Director of the Preschool

FCPC Preschool Committee

March 16, 2020
Dear Members and Friends,

Closing the church was an extraordinarily difficult decision, but we believe it was and is the most caring and responsible course both for our church family and for the larger community.  It would be inconsistent with our call to create a pocket of vulnerability at the very time the larger community is trying to isolate and contain the spread of the Coronavirus.  As a result,

  • We are shifting our Sunday worship to an on-line format; the service will be streamed at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday on our YouTube channel

  • We are closing our offices, and staff will be working as much as possible from their homes

  • We are reducing pastoral visitation to crisis-only; click on the pastor's name to contact them via email:

  • And we are suspending all programs, board and committee meetings -- the one exception will be AA and Al-Anon which will continue to have access to our facility


At the same time we will also be offering:

Daily Devotions delivered by e-mail every morning, Monday through Friday.  If you did not receive the e-mail on Monday (the 16th) and would like to be included, please click here to add your e-mail address, or email Toni at 

Grocery Delivery:  Betsy Hawley is coordinating a ministry of purchasing and delivering groceries for those who are at risk or unable to get out.  If you need groceries, or if you would like to volunteer to help out with this ministry please contact Betsy:

You are part of a great church family.  Our Elders, Deacons, Stephen Ministers, staff and so many others are ready to help in any way.  The church facility is closed, but our ministry continues.  Please reach out to us if we can be of support, even if it is just to offer a listening ear at a point when you are feeling anxious or alone.  We wish you all God’s blessings and protection.


The Session and Pastors Chris, Ellen & Tara

March 13th, 2020

Dear members and friends,


While there’s still much we don’t know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we do know that it appears very contagious and has a significantly higher mortality rate than those associated with the flu. There are precautions we at FCPC have already been taking in our worship life, as per our modifying some practices like passing the peace and communion.


Seeking to care for both our congregation and the larger community, the pastoral leadership has decided to cancel attendance for all three services this Sunday, March 15th, and we will livestream the sermon on Facebook Live. You can access this by going to the FCPC Facebook page. We will also have a link to it on our website.


The Church leadership is seeking to be well-informed and prayerful regarding all our decisions and responses to COVID-19. The pastors and staff ask you to remain patient and flexible as we continue to monitor this situation. Even in this time of uncertainty, we continue to trust in God and seek to care for the most vulnerable among us. 


Thank you for your understanding, patience, and trust. 

Chris, Ellen and Tara

Please check our social media often for updates.


Phone: 412.963.8243

Fax:        412.967.9134

Please click here for staff email addresses.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9 am-3 pm

Tuesday 11 am-3 pm 

Please call for an appointment as not all staff are in the office every day.  Thank you.

384 Fox Chapel Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238

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CLOSURE POLICY: Our preschool follows the Fox Chapel Area School District regarding closings.  Check local news stations, our website and Facebook regarding church office closings.