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Read more about who we are and what we believe as a community of faith. 

Purpose StatEment

As a community of Christ’s disciples, we joyfully participate in Christ’s mission of love and peace, transformation and hope by: 
•    inviting and welcoming all people into a life with God and a caring fellowship of faith; 
•    glorifying God through engaging worship, prayer, and praise; 
•    nurturing the spiritual growth of people of all ages and equipping them for lives of ministry, and; 
•    following the Spirit to witness to God’s kingdom through compassion, justice, and service. 

PC (U.S.A.)

Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, we trust in the one triune God, the Holy One of Israel, whom alone we worship and serve.

Pathway Statements

Out of our purpose, we have designed these four pathways to acheive our goal of  being a community of Christ's disciples, that joyfully participates in Christ's mission of love and peace, transformation and hope:

  • Welcome/Hospitality/Connection/  Belonging: We will move from simply welcoming those who show up on Sunday morning to learning to invite and practice intentional hospitality at every level and in every part of the congregation’s life—hospitality for everyone—helping people move from a first, positive contact to a place of genuine belonging in both a life with God through Christ and this vibrant community of faith.

  • Worship: We will move in the direction of worship that is well-planned, thematically coherent, and consistently inspiring and meaningful so that those worshiping are participating more deeply in worship in whichever worship service they find themselves.

  • Formation/Nurture/Christian Education/Spiritual Growth: We will move from assuming that going to church or being a member equals Christian discipleship to being intentional about forming people of all ages into increasingly mature disciples of Christ who are equipped to live lives of ministry in the church and community.

  • Mission/Service/Compassion/Justice: While maintaining FCPC’s deep commitment to generously supporting mission partners, we will move in the direction of increasing real participation in acts of service, compassion, and justice, making available opportunities for people (church members and community members) to use their gifts in hands-on, face-to-face service that builds relationships—including both one-off events (e.g. Rise against hunger, fill the truck) and those requiring greater commitment (e.g. Circles out of poverty; mission trips).

Purpose & Pathways adopted by session in 2022

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