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FCPC Preschool Director's Corner

Childhood should be a sacred space, a space for exploration and discovery. It should be a safe space where children can learn and take risks as they grow in confidence and understanding. It should be a space that exposes young minds to new ideas, new challenges, and new opportunities.  

Creating this space of learning through play is a platform and a model that FCPC Preschool fully embraces. There is such innate joy engaging children in this way. To witness their growth and confidence take root and grow is indeed a privilege.  

Creating this space requires strong leadership and a loving and motivated staff. It requires partnering with parents and families, working together to support our youngest learners. It requires commitment from all participants to embrace the love of learning. It requires a Christ-centered focus providing a firm foundation from which to launch. 


Allowing children this space is what FCPC Preschool does best.  


Karin Miller, FCPC Preschool Director 

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