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Memorial Services and Columbarium

Memorial Services

If your loved one has died, please call our church office to talk with a pastor about scheduling a Memorial Service. 


Depending on your preferences, needs, or wishes, we will work with you to provide anything from a private dedication of ashes to a full worship service. 


We will:

  • Arrange for and/or provide the music for the service

  • Work with you and your family to decide on the service order 

  • Provide the bulletin for the service

  • Provide a reception for family & friends (Upon Request Only)

  • Work closely with area funeral homes and/or cemeteries



We are here to walk beside you to make this service special for you and your loved ones.


 - For FCPC Members - 

Each crypt in our recently renovated

Memorial Garden & Columbarium is 9"x9"x9"


For prices and availability,

please contact Sarah in the Church Office.

412-963-8243 |

The Memorial Garden & Columbarium are accessible from Springhouse Lane, near the corner of Fox Chapel Road.

They are open and available 24/7.

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